Hi, I'm the founder of PicturePerfectegg.

I am a former Computer Scientist for US Defense, and I'm currently enrolled in Harvard Business School Online.

During my free time, I manage my software company, write, and mentor college students and adults on their career paths in the tech industry. 

Photography has been a hobby.

I've freelanced for Maxim Online, Sports Illustrated, etc. Headshots came about from helping out my friends.

The mission of PicturePerfectEgg is to simplify and enhance our lives with technology in a way that can help us to focus and grow.

The process of getting headshots shouldn't have to be costly and a hit or miss.


It should be a standard repeatable process that is affordable and fun. It should ultimately help you in your acting career without breaking the bank.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to reach out with any questions.